"Y'know, 'those who can't do, teach'? Well those who can't wed, plan" - The Wedding Planner 

At 28 years old, I have been in nine weddings. I have been a part of so many weddings because, well, I think I am a pretty damn good friend but also because I am not your laid back bridesmaid. I have always been the one offering to stuff envelopes, cut tulle, wrap favors, make chocolates, create programs, etc. I've been that way my whole life, no matter what, for any event. In fact, I have always taken pride in being the person that gets the call from the frantic bride, MOH or Mother of the Bride that needs help setting up for the shower, needs opinions on invitations, needs help creating an excel doc with addresses, or my favorite call "I need a hashtag".

Every shower I have attended as a bridesmaid, someone always pulled me to the side and said "you've done this before, huh?" or "that was seamless, you're a pro" or my favorite "you should do this professionally". Finally, that is what I am doing. To be able to assist a bride or groom on the biggest day of their lives or the days leading up to it, is something very special. Not just to make sure it goes seamlessly, but to give the bride, groom, MOH, etc. a breath of fresh air.


So, to the bride, groom, MOH, parents of the soon to be wed, relax and enjoy these special moments ...I got this. 


xo - casey 

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